We demand nothing less than 51%

Women have been underrepresented in our legislatures for too long. We are 51% of the population, and we deserve at least 51% of the seats. YOU can help make this a reality.


WHEN: November 17–19
WHERE: Detroit, Michigan
WHO: Aspiring and active candidates and campaign managers ready to make the statehouse HER house

Meet inspiring elected officials, gain expert training, and ignite your motivation to run for state office. We envision 51% representation in legislatures nationwide, and YOU can help make it happen!


Our future is being decided in the state legislatures. You hold the power to drive crucial change.

Are you the next VRL Alum?

Faith Winter

State Senator

During the 2023 session, powerhouse Faith Winter co-sponsored over 280 bills, and was prime sponsor on 45 that became law. Notably, she was instrumental in passing SB 190, which makes Colorado the first state to outlaw “abortion pill reversal” unless endorsed by the three boards as a generally accepted standard of practice, eradicating this form of medical misconduct.

Ruwa Romman

House of Representatives

An education advocate and community champion, Ruwa Romman sponsored HB 748, which grants $2,000 homestead exemptions from Gwinnett County school district ad valorem taxes for education. It has since become law. An emerging dynamo, in her first session she also introduced eight other bills spanning education, gun safety and voting rights.

Lea Webb

State Senator

Lea Webb passed 21 bills while leading the New York Senate’s Women’s Issues Committee. She has also sponsored numerous bills relating to voting access and vote integrity, fighting vote suppression and strengthening boards of election. Further efforts span access to menstrual products, maternity care, reproductive health, ovarian cancer awareness, and trafficking.

Jackie Hope Glass

House of Delegates

Jackie Hope Glass is a force for tenants’ rights and economic prosperity. In 2023, she achieved a monumental victory by sponsoring four impactful bills that became law. Among them is HB 1635, which ensures safety and accountability by enabling tenants to terminate leases due to hazardous conditions and receive refunds from landlords.