Oregon, meet your candidates

Oregon’s primary election day is Tuesday, May 21st, and early voting is already in progress.

These women are running to bring new perspectives and real progressive change to communities throughout the state, so find your district and see who’s running.

State Senate Candidates

Jo Beaudreau

Senate District 5

Jo Beaudreau is a dedicated city councilor, small business advocate, and mother. In Salem, Jo will prioritize Coastal Oregonians by creating jobs, backing small businesses, and championing infrastructure. Committed to responsible spending, she fights for public safety, education, and rural needs. Jo embodies the resilience and spirit of her community, ensuring voices are heard on the South & Central Coast.

Kate Lieber

Senate District 14

Kate Lieber’s transition from Multnomah County DA to senator reflects her commitment to justice. With a teaching and criminal justice background, she tackles homelessness and behavioral health issues, embodying tireless dedication for a better Oregon.

Wlnsvey Campos

Senate District 18

Wlnsvey Campos, daughter of immigrants from Bandon, Oregon, champions overlooked communities in politics. Her journey from Pacific University to politics reflects her dedication to equitable representation, driven by her upbringing and passion for all Oregonians to prosper.

Kathleen Taylor

Senate District 21

Senator Kathleen Taylor, incumbent for Oregon Senate District 21, brings a wealth of legislative experience and a deep commitment to community involvement. From championing strong public schools and a robust economy, to advocating for accountable government and a healthy environment, her dedication to fairness and equality drives her relentless pursuit of a better future for all Oregonians.

Khanh Pham

Senate District 23

The daughter of Vietnamese refugees, Representative Khanh Pham was a founding leader and spokesperson for the groundbreaking Portland Clean Energy Fund, and has won groundbreaking climate legislation in her first three years in the Oregon House. In her free time, she enjoys being in nature and playing with her 9-year-old daughter, who inspires her to fight for a more just world and a livable future.

State Representative Candidates

Pam Marsh

House District 5

Representative Pam Marsh, representing Southern Jackson County, brings a wealth of experience and dedication as a legislator. With a background from local government to nonprofit leadership, her commitment to climate action, sustainable agriculture, and equitable revenue policies reflects her deep roots in her community and her passion for serving others.

Lilia Caballero

House District 6

Lilia Caballero, Cultural Outreach Coordinator for Medford PD and member of the Medford School Board, offers community-focused expertise to the State Legislature. Committed to housing, healthcare, and mental health, she aims to represent Medford’s voices, navigating a challenging legislative landscape for a better future.

Doyle Canning

House District 8

Doyle Canning, a committed South Eugene mom, attorney, and Legislative Director, brings a track record of accomplishment and community-driven leadership to Salem. Rooted in Eugene’s progressive values, her advocacy spans education, small business, and environmental causes, along with bipartisan success in crafting legislation, positioning her to represent the 8th District in the Oregon House of Representatives.

Lisa Fragala

House District 8

Lisa Fragala brings a wealth of experience and a proven track record of advocacy to the state legislature. From championing policies for improved learning outcomes as a classroom teacher, to addressing the housing crisis as a member of Eugene’s Planning Commission or fighting for reproductive rights, Lisa’s promise to serve her community shines through in every role she undertakes.

Nancy Nathanson

House District 13

With over a decade of public service, Nancy has championed key community programs and successfully passed bills protecting students, seniors, and consumers. Her expertise in budget, revenue, health, and human services has made a significant impact. A longtime Eugene resident, Nancy’s diverse background includes academic library work and teaching tap dancing.

Julie Fahey

House District 14

Meet Julie Fahey, the dynamic Speaker of the Oregon House and fierce advocate for progress in House District 14. With a proven track record of championing housing affordability, electoral reform, and workplace inclusivity, she brings two decades of private sector expertise to her tireless pursuit of a brighter future for all Oregonians.

Sarah Finger McDonald

House District 16

Sarah’s journey from comforting her child after the Sandy Hook shooting to founding the Oregon chapter of Moms Demand Action showcases her drive to making positive change. As an activist, school board member, and academic advisor, Sarah uses her background in science to tackle challenges, advocate for better policies, and empower Oregonians to create a brighter future for all.

Virginia Stapleton

House District 21

Virginia Stapleton is president of the Salem City Council, mother of two children in Salem-Keizer public schools and a dedicated public servant. She seeks to improve quality of life for families, address the homelessness crisis, improve Salem’s transportation and protect our environment. Virginia is running to expand access to affordable housing, address our mental health crisis and fully fund our public schools and cities.

Lesly Muñoz

House District 22

Meet Lesly Muñoz, a tireless advocate driven by her family’s immigrant experience and dedication to uplifting her community. As a mother of four and a champion for workers and teachers, Lesly’s passion for justice and opportunity shines through her commitment to ensuring every family has the chance to thrive.

Courtney Neron

House District 26

Meet Courtney Neron, a champion for Oregon’s families and communities. With a proven track record of compassionate leadership and tireless advocacy for issues like education, healthcare, and environmental protection, Courtney is committed to building a safer, healthier, and more equitable future for all Oregonians.

Dacia Grayber

House District 28

Meet Dacia Grayber, a dedicated firefighter turned State Representative, whose journey from the frontlines to the legislature is fueled by an unwavering commitment to service and a refusal to accept barriers. With a passion for making a difference in people’s lives, Dacia brings resilience and firsthand experience to her advocacy.

Susan McLain

House District 29

Meet Susan McLain, a passionate advocate with more than four decades of service to the community. From teaching in local schools to her tenure on the Metro Council and as State Representative, Susan’s unwavering commitment to safety, prosperity, and environmental stewardship embodies the spirit of leadership Salem deserves.

Shannon Jones Isadore

House District 33

Shannon Jones Isadore, a U.S. Marine Corps Veteran, symbolizes accountability, integrity, and leadership. From tripling addiction treatment access to converting a dilapidated motel into supportive housing, Shannon strives to meet Oregon’s toughest challenges head-on, believing in the power of community and unity to create positive change.

Lisa Reynolds

House District 34

Pediatrician and advocate Dr. Lisa Reynolds embodies the spirit of service and activism instilled by her mother. From her upbringing in a working-class family to her experiences as a medical student, Lisa’s journey is marked by a commitment to addressing social health – advocating for policies that combat poverty, gun violence, houselessness, mental health disparities, and climate change.

Farrah Chaichi

House District 35

Meet Farrah Chaichi, a passionate advocate and lifelong resident of Beaverton. With a background in activism and a commitment to fighting for justice and equality, Farrah is dedicated to representing the diverse voices of her community and challenging the status quo as the next House District 35 Representative.

Jules Walters

House District 37

Jules Walters is a dedicated community advocate and legislator committed to making a positive impact in Oregon. With a focus on healthcare, addiction treatment, worker support, and inclusivity for LGBTQ+ individuals, Jules’ leadership and compassion drive meaningful change that uplifts and empowers all Oregonians.

April Dobson

House District 39

April, a dedicated mom and community organizer, draws from personal challenges in Oregon, advocating for affordable childcare, quality education, accessible healthcare, and inclusive governance. With a deep understanding of Oregonians’ struggles, she aims to ensure opportunities for all, ready to represent her community in the State House.

Annessa Hartman

House District 40

Annessa is a mother, nonprofit director, and the third Indigenous person to serve in the Oregon Legislature, representing Oregon City, Gladstone, and North Clackamas. She brings her experience as a former city councilor, community organizer and hospitality manager to her work advocating for working families, small businesses, and survivors of domestic and sexual assault.

Tawna Sanchez

House District 43

Tawna Sanchez is a beacon of strength and compassion, tirelessly advocating for justice and empowerment in her community. As a Shoshone-Bannock, Ute, and Carrizo leader in the fight for Native rights and women’s issues, she embodies resilience and inspires positive change.

Thuy Tran

House District 45

Dr. Thuy Tran is a true representation of service and resilience, fearlessly representing her community with compassion and dedication. As a mom, immigrant, doctor, lieutenant colonel, and small business owner, she inspires her community to reach higher and strive for excellence in service to others.

Andrea Valderrama

House District 47

Andrea Valderrama is a visionary leader whose advocacy has led to tangible change in her community. From successfully passing tuition equity and sanctuary laws as a student, to championing dispensing comprehensive birth control in school health clinics and ending contracts with school resource officers, Andrea’s impactful achievements reflect her unwavering dedication to equity and justice.

Hoa Nguyen

House District 48

Hoa Nguyen, the daughter of Vietnamese refugees, brings a deep understanding of resilience and community to her role as State Representative. Committed to addressing the challenges facing Oregonians, she champions initiatives to ensure every individual has the resources and support necessary to flourish.

Emerson Levy

House District 53

Emerson (Em) Levy shares a wealth of experience and a deep connection to the community as a resident of NE Bend. With a commitment to serving everyone in the community and a belief in government that works for all, Em addresses crucial issues like housing, community safety, clean energy, and healthcare affordability, fostering unity and progress for Central Oregon and beyond.

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Local Candidates


Denise Krause

Jackson County Commissioner
Position 2

Laurie Trieger

Lane County Commissioner
District 3 South Eugene


Sally Palcovich

Klamath County Commissioner
Position 3

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