Mona Das

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I bring decades of comprehensive experience as a candidate, campaign manager, elected official, coach, and professor to my role as a Coach. Having navigated the campaign trail and championed groundbreaking policies during my tenure as a Washington State Senator from 2018-2023, I am eager to empower the next generation of leaders by passing on hard-won wisdom. From fundraising best practices (I’m probably the only person you’ll meet who LOVES fundraising) to policy priorities, media training to voter outreach, I’ve worked with hundreds of candidates since 2020 through my consulting practice and university teaching positions. I’m praised for my candid, realistic, and actionable advice rooted in both study and experience.

I derive energy from paying forward key insights that can level the playing field, and help you avoid the challenges that I faced. In Washington, I’ve run for both State Congress and State Senate, advised statewide initiatives, and led my own PAC, called Opportunity PAC, focused on recruiting women of color candidates. We rapidly raised half a million dollars. I’m also a leading authority on environmental and social justice campaigns. I spearheaded legislation banning single-use plastics and mandating minimum recycled content in containers. Though retired from elected office, I strive to keep learning through teaching roles at Bard College, The Campaign School at Yale, and the University of Texas. This allows me to continuously evolve my understanding of winning campaign strategies and impart the latest techniques.

I am also the Head of International Expansion for Global Woman & Co., allowing me to help increase engagement of women entrepreneurs, improve access to capital, and connect leaders who are committed to building a better future for all. With profound compassion born of my own journey as an immigrant woman of color, I am devoted to co-creating a more just society. I firmly believe the best way to serve communities like my upbringing is to support outstanding leaders in running for office.

Team Management, Crisis Management, Digital Fundraising, Finding a Campaign to Work For, General Advice, Negotiating Contracts and Pay, Relational Organizing, Social Media, Team Culture, Stump Speech, Storytelling