Mary Lou Akai Ferguson

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I love supporting scrappy, grassroots campaigns that are focused on bringing systemic change for your district. As an advisor and strategist, I spend my time mentoring leaders and helping them find the right questions to ask. I love encouraging creative, out of the box ideas for your campaign and believe being inquisitive, creative, and knowing what you don’t know – and seeking answers – are what makes the strongest campaigns.

I have experience in campaigns from the city council level to presidential, including serving as AAPI outreach director & Midwest organizing director for Senator Elizabeth Warren’s 2020 presidential run, managing Boston Mayor Michelle Wu’s historic win in 2021, and advising the Delta Flight Attendants union organizing campaign (the largest active single unit campaign in the country). I’m a former high school algebra teacher and soccer coach, and am passionate about encouraging leaders to step into their power. I look forward to working together!

Budgeting, Crisis Management, Digital Fundraising, Digital Outreach, Field Organizing, Financial Plans, General Advice, Paid Media Plan, People/Volunteer Management, Relational Organizing, Social Media, Team Culture, Stump Speech, Storytelling